JP Morgan

Income Intelligence


In association with agency partner Fundamentals, financial services marketing agency Embrace were commissioned to build and promote a website to act as an information hub for financial advisers as way of a brand awareness campaign for J.P. Morgan products. J.P. Morgan wanted to deliver a new service for intermediaries, which would raise their profile as an income funds provider. 

The digital media landscape is highly complex and highly regulated thereby ensuring any financial services marketing campaign must succumb to rigorous checks.


We began by conducting research and immersing ourselves in the world of financial intermediaries, exploring their motivations and requirements in order to gain a thorough understanding of their needs online in changing circumstances.


Based on our insights, we created a financial services marketing campaign around the message: ‘We believe we can help’. The Income Intelligence website positioned J.P. Morgan as empathetic, facilitating a financial services content marketing campaign to offer tangible support for intermediaries.

The Income Intelligence website is a trailblazer, offering intermediaries a one-stop content-rich solution for all adviser-related information. We continue to offer ongoing consultation around specialist email marketing, content marketing strategy and social media.

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