Mölnlycke Health Care

Mepitel Film Campaign


Healthcare marketing agency Embrace were briefed to promote Mepitel Film dressings: during studies, these products had been discovered to prevent the painful skin ulcerations associated with breast cancer radiation therapy.

The challenges in creating the brand messaging for Mepitel Film dressings were multiple: to articulate a ’world first’; to reflect a new positioning for this established brand and to define its place within a new market. Various audiences needed to be reached including patients, clinicians and advocates. A strong visual healthcare ad campaign needed to be created to support this. 


Healthcare marketing agency Embrace conducted extensive research into the market to define the product’s positioning in relation to price, attributes, distribution and competition to understand and so define the ‘need’ and value proposition. 

The concept behind the healthcare ad campaign was to empower women to limit their pain through use of Mepitel Film dressings, from which the slogan ‘We Believe’ evolved and how to present it on radiotherapy-treated skin. We recruited the models, photographer and makeup artist to conduct one of the most sensitive healthcare marketing campaigns we’ve conducted.


We created the concept and the visual assets, images, type - and layout styles which are distributed through Mölnlycke Health Care’s divisions.

The powerful images in this ad campaign for healthcare are providing a strong argument for purchase as the campaign is currently being rolled out globally.

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