The challenge

Architas, an investment house within the AXA Group, are a multi-manager specialist proud of how they do things and looking to make a mark. However, their brand was 'corporate' and bland, a challenge when you are a relatively unknown player in an overcrowded market. Our brief was to develop a new positioning and single-minded proposition to help communicate their difference and rise above the crowd. Internally, we identified a strong ‘underdog’ spirit that wanted to do the right thing: putting clients first and simplifying the process. External research revealed a disconnect between investment providers and the real world needs of advisers and investors and showed us where to aim. This helped us define the Architas core purpose and positioning, and the external expression: ‘As it should be’.

The solution

This new positioning talked of an investment manager prepared to do things differently: making investing easier, talking like real people, not a corporate, and delivering what they say they’re going to do. We moved away from the typical messaging, and visual clichés of this industry to give Architas a distinctive tone of voice that expressed their point of view. The impactful new visual identity system amplifies everything in a visually and verbally unexpected way. It also meant reassessing how we communicate in this industry; from brochures more editorial than corporate, to fund information delivered with real clarity.

As it should be really.

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