The challenge

Mölnlycke were looking to target a new market after studies revealed their Mepitel Film dressing reduced the nasty skin reaction side effects of breast cancer radiotherapy by 92%. Unbelievably effective in other words, if used during treatment. The challenge however, was that research showed a widespread perception that these side effects just 'come with the territory', with clinicians prioritising cancer treatment 'cure' over the terrible skin ulcerations that may only emerge days/weeks later. Some clinicians had low awareness of these effects. We needed to create a campaign that could get the issue noticed, and alter perceptions, among patients and their families, clinicians and key opinion leaders, while positioning Mepitel as a proven solution.

The solution

We developed the 'believe' concept as a powerful rallying call to all audiences. A core message to empower women to believe they don't have to experience and accept the side effects of breast cancer radiotherapy, and to encourage a greater belief among clinicians that these side effects exist, are severe, and can easily be reduced as part of the treatment. The heart of the campaign were the actual breast cancer patients – they were the message, literally. The whole team – models, photographer, makeup artist, creatives and client – were inspired to make Mepitel more than just a product campaign. We believe we did that.

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